Wednesday, 16 April 2008

"Box" our Boxes!

Redbridge Council do not provide door-to-door collection of card and cardboard for recycling (eg cereal packets, greetings cards, toilet roll tubes, corrugated cardboard boxes).

Many other councils do provide this, but Redbridge say their central Recycling site is not big enough for another cardboard baler.

I am calling on Redbridge Council to:

· Provide regular doorstep collection of card and cardboard, via the existing recycling box system.

· Obtain an additional processing unit to separate and bale cardboard.

· Expand or add to the Ilford Recycling Centre, to accommodate the above unit.

· Give recycling in Redbridge a higher priority and budget.

Card and cardboard may be taken to Chigwell Road Recycling and Reuse Centre, but this is not practicable for people without cars. Even for those with cars, it is inconvenient to travel to Chigwell Road, and to store cardboard in the home between trips.
Door-to-door collection by the Council would reduce the amount of cardboard being thrown away with household rubbish and adding to landfill.
I am taking this issue up with Redbridge Council, and urging Redbridge residents to sign the petition.

Let’s prove to them that there is a high demand for cardboard recycling in the Borough!

Redbridge residents, please sign the online petition.
(There's also a Facebook group called "Box" our Boxes, for all those who are interested.)

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