Saturday, 3 January 2009

Another success for Will Howells, Guitar Tutor

Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice

Will Howells tribute act, "The Howls" have discovered an old manuscript featuring the third verse to his biggest hit: "I didn't clean the flat"

Alex Foster's also done a cover version.

EDIT: Yes, that is a 'Flying V' ukulele. Because I'm hard.

LATEST: Rob Fenwick's singing puts us all in the shade!


Mark Pack said...

Oooh, natural daylight in this one!

Jennie said...

* is very impressed by the Teenager's hair *

Niles said...

* is more impressed by Duffett Major's finger picking *

Liberal Neil said...

is that tune 'More Than A Feeling' by Boston?

Helen Duffett said...

Well spotted, Neil!

It's a mashup - I'll leave it the listeners to decide which song is the superior: that one or "I didn't clean the flat."