Monday, 12 January 2009

Councillors’ Census shows diversity is still lacking

Sadly, it's not a surprising headline, but the 2008 National Census of Local Authority Councillors is just out: it shows that councillors in England are still predominantly white and male. There’s a bulge around retirement age. (I’m talking statistics here, not middle-age spread!)
Some of the main findings are summarised below:
• Most councillors (68.4%) were male, 30.8% were female (0.8% did not respond).

• The proportion of female councillors has increased from 27.8% in 1997.

• The average age of councillors has increased from 55.4 years in 1997 to 58.8 years in 2008.

• 96.6% of councillors were white and 3.4% came from an ethnic minority background.

• 56.4% of councillors held a position of leading responsibility within the council and 53.2% of all councillors received a special responsibility allowance in addition to their basic allowance.

• 88.0% considered themselves to be effective or very effective in their role as councillors which was a slightly smaller proportion than was the case in 2006 when 92.1% considered that they
were effective.

• 88.4% of councillors cited a desire to serve the community as their reason for wanting to become a councillor.

• Councillors spent, on average, 22 hours per week on council/political business.

• Most councillors (62.5%) indicated that they thought it was very important that there was a greater role for councils in the accountability of key local services like health and police. 40.4%
felt that it was very important that councils had a devolved, discretionary budget for individual councillors to spend on local amenities or initiatives.

• 54.5% of councillors intend to stand for re-election at the end of their term in office and 81.8% would recommend taking on the role to others.

You can read the Final Report here and the Preliminary report (October 2008) on councillors' gender and ethnicity here.

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