Monday, 26 January 2009

Liberal Democrat candidate silenced in Redbridge

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Valentines by-election candidate Shoaib Patel was denied the chance to speak at a council meeting, even though council officers said it was within the rules.

The Wanstead and Woodford Guardian reports:

At a full meeting of the authority last week, Shoaib Patel, a Liberal Democrat candidate for the upcoming Valentines Ward by-election, attempted to ask a question during a slot for public speaking, but was denied the chance amid concerns over his political status.

Lib Dem politicians said they were furious that "legal advice granting permission for Mr Patel to speak was ignored", as Tory and Labour councillors voted not to let him ask his question.

Lib Dem Church End representative Richard Hoskins said he was "shocked" by the attempt to "gag" a member of the public.

He added: "It is unacceptable that the council leader should be allowed to arrogantly ride roughshod over the established rules of council procedures in this way."

Liberal Democrat Councillor Ian Bond said that the submitted question was a factual one about a local school and that neither the Mayor nor the Leader of the Council were "able to explain to the meeting under what power Mr Patel was being silenced."

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Jon Ball said...

That's outrageous! It's a classic example of ostensibly preventing party politics to the advantage of the parties that already have more councillors elected.