Sunday, 11 January 2009

This post has got the LOT: Twitter, The Daily Mail, free speech, James Graham, etc...

Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice

We know by now that the Daily Mail don't reckon much to Twitter, as I highlighted recently over on Lib Dem Voice.

Today, from new satirical* blog (Probably Not) The Daily Mail:

"Do you trust Twitter? Should you?

In response to a pathetic and rather lacklustre piece of "journalism" in the Daily Mail, I created ran a (mildly satirical) twitter account under the name @dailymail_uk

A flurry of tweets and all of a sudden I found myself with over 700 followers. About 6 times more than the "official" Daily Mail twitter. Not bad for a week's work.

A few minor blogs such as PressGazette picked up the "story" of a Daily Mail twitter account and taht - I thought was that. Until...

All of a sudden and with no warning I was locked out of Twitter."

Read the full story here.

(It even features a tweet from aforementioned James Graham, calling him as a witness to the account's satirical intentions.)

And how did I hear about this story? I bet you daren't ask! That's right, on Twitter - in fact someone retweeted it.

Thing is, that's another way that news gets around...

*I've bolded it just in case, as it's a bit subtle for some.