Monday, 20 July 2009

Chocolate, 70s nostalgia & avuncular humour

Treets are back!
I used to buy them with my pocket money.
They were the 70s forerunner to M&Ms and inspired an uncle to tell the following awful/brilliant joke, long after they'd stopped making them. (I don't think he'd realised).
Anyhoo, drumroll please...
"Once I got a peanut stuck in my ear, so I poured in some chocolate and it came out a Treet."
Best bit was the baffled audience. Now it's my turn to be baffled, as I've found Treets in a stub on Wikipedia:

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Mark Reckons said...

That's fantastic news!

Where can I get them from?

Helen Duffett said...

I found them in Sainsbury's. I don't know if anyone else stocks them.

Still lamenting the demise of the "Nutty" bar - wish they'd bring that back, too.