Thursday, 21 April 2011

Campaigners! Get the new Facebook app #YES2AV #LibDems

Lib Dem Voice have launched a new Facebook app to make it easy for you to let your friends on Facebook and Twitter know what campaigning you've been doing.

This is a great way of building up a buzz around our campaigning - and the more someone sees their friends have been campaigning, the more likely they are to join in.

You get a list of actions - select one and publish it to your newsfeed.

Some actions are of the simple "I have done" variety whilst others have the option to add a quantity, such as the number of leaflets.

There's a tab for the "Yes! To Fairer Votes campaign" and another for your regular Lib Dem campaigning.

Find the app at

There's even the option of linking it to your Twitter account.

The app is still in Beta, so drop us a line at if you come across any technical glitches.

Thanks, and happy campaigning!

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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Nick Clegg reveals his secret passion and talks about Plan B

Leicester, with the by-election writ due to be moved any day now, was the scene of Nick Clegg's latest Town Hall meeting last night.

Around a hundred people from Leicester and surrounding areas attended the event, hosted by Capital FM at the Showcase Cinema De Lux in Highcross Lane.

Subjects covered in Nick's Q&A session included electoral reform, taxation, the NHS and the conflict in Libya, but it was Capital's Anna Tyler who uncovered Nick's musical and media preferences, as only a music station interviewer can:

Anna: You've obviously been really busy this week: Mexico, Washington DC - what do you have on your iPod? Do you have an iPod?

Nick: No I don't; I've just bought an iPad, which has already been commandeered by my kids, and it's got lots of games on it, and lots of cartoons. I love cartoons, I have to confess I have a secret passion for cartoon films so I'm probably watching too much cartoon stuff. But I don't have an iPod, no, I don't carry one with me.

Nick admits that he doesn't listen to much pop music, but loves the last CD he bought: The Defamation of Strickland Banks by Plan B.

I reckon Anna Tyler missed a trick by not asking whether Nick will be using his iPad in the House of Commons.

Outside the cinema, protesters continued to misunderstand that parents and students won't have to pay tuition fees upfront.

Earlier in the day, Clegg visited the Masjid Umar in Evington, and met Lib Dem supporters in Hinckley, including blogger Mathew Hulbert, who writes:
In a key line, he told those of us gathered (at the excellent newly refurbished Atkins building in Hinckley-funded in part by the Lib Dem-ran Borough Council) that, at the next election, there’ll only be one party advocating cuts…Labour.

By then, it is hoped, the nation will be in a much better economic state and we’ll have come to the end of the Coalition’s cuts and the Lib Dems will be able to go to the electorate saying ‘elect us and we’ll invest in public services.’