Friday, 10 June 2011

Andrew Reeves and the friends in high places... #AndrewReeves

I'm travelling to Edinburgh this morning for the funeral of a dear friend and colleague, Andrew Reeves. I rose at a crazy hour for the journey from London, knowing that Andrew's work day would normally have been well underway by this time.

Caron Lindsay's suggested that those who knew Andrew tweet our memories of him this morning, as we prepare to celebrate his life.

While looking through my photos of Andrew this week I found this one from the Lib Dems' staff Christmas party in 2008:
@andyreeves Even more impressed now!<br /> on Twitpic

The party took place in Parliament and we had a very special visit from a familiar-looking Father Christmas... I asked for a peek at his security pass, joking that his cover was about to be blown, but he produced a Parliamentary Visitors' pass with a photo of the same bearded Santa on it!

How he persuaded the police to take his picture in that outfit and put it on a pass I'll never know!